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What is Gibbinold?

For the moment it is just me, Joe. I am freelancer working under the name Gibbinold. I have worked with various individuals, groups and businesses to get their presence seen and heard on the internet. I usually provide website solutions but I also lend myself to graphics, social media and design.

You will find on this website a small selection of my work showcasing some of the most recent projects. Feel free to get in contact with me to find out if I can help your project succeed.

Why hire a freelancer instead of a company?
Good question! Lets just keep it simple...

Cost Effective

The obvious one, without any overheads it makes it easy for me to give a good competitive price.


I will only ever work on one project at a time and that project is yours. It’s easy for your project to become one of many when working with an agency and they might dedicate more time and resources away from your project. So since I am only working on your project, it is of upmost importance and a #1 priority for me.

I'm Always Here

I work irregular hours to make sure I get your project done. I am also easy to contact if you ever want to change part of your project. This also means changes are quicker to implement because there is no chain of people involved.

Direct Communication

If you’ve ever hired an agency in the past you’ll find that usually you’ll deal day to day with an account manager who then passes on your requirements and changes to a designer or developer who implements them then advises your account manager when they’re done. With a freelancer, you deal directly with the person who is working on your project. I will personally make sure your project turns out how you describe it to me.

It's Not Just Me

Often in a large project freelancers use their network of connections to help get a job done. I will never hesitate to ask for a helping hand from a freelance friend who might know more in a particular topic that I am not so familair with to lend me a hand to make sure your project is the best it can be.

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